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Abraham Maslow, 'A Theory of Human Motivation', Hierarchy of Needs


The Great Pyramids of Egypt are not the only great triangles in the world.  Abraham Maslow also used this sacred shape to depict the hierarchy of human motivation based on fulfilled/unfulfilled needs.  The year was 1943.  For the observant reader and student of life, you may recognize the significance and accuracy still today.  For the fervent reader and student of life, you may want to check out the paper yourself here:

Dutch Motivational Speaker and Extreme Athlete, WIM HOF

Wim Hof.2.jpg

With the current temperature being -40 degrees Celcius outside my door, I feel it is appropriate to discuss the 'Ice Man'.  He may be called the 'Ice Man' just because he is so extremely 'cool'.  I jest.  Sort of.  Really though, for those who don't know Wim Hof, you may want to learn a little more about him, and more specifically, the way he breathes and showers!  I can share from experience, doing his breathing method mixed with the cold showers (as instructed) can provide more mental clarity, vim, and vigour to anyone who needs a boost or is into healing and well being.