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The Sky is Falling!

Updated: Jan 15

Did you think of the story 'Chicken Little' (published in English Fairy Tales, 1890) when you read the title of this blog post? Even if a person didn't know the origin of the well known phrase 'the sky is falling', for sure they would still know the general feel or idea of it. In a person's life and world, this phrase can feel very real and come to life, given some variables that cause upheaval.....or in 'Henny Penny's' case (for those who read or are familiar with 'Chicken Little') downheavel. How many times have we heard in history (ancient and more contemporary) that the world is ending at some near point, or near obliteration - for one reason or another. Or maybe, it's that our personal world is crashing in and we feel that......'the sky is falling' 'Henny Penny'. it......really? If 'Henny Penny' had another perspective of the acorn dropping on her head, the whole parade of chaos would not have happened, and Cocky-locky, Turkey-lurkey, Goosey-poosey, and Ducky-daddles would still have their heads in tact with their bodies and not have met with their unfortunate fate running into Foxy-woxy. (I am feeling a little sympathy for the reader of this blog that has not read or is not yet familiar with the story of 'Chicken Little'; but I hope the peculiarities peak your curiousities.) The point of the story (in my eyes) seems to be that a 'chaos parade' can quickly occur if no one stops to question the chaos. Even worse, heads can.....roll ('Chicken Little' pun/joke!) if a character like 'Foxy-woxy' is leading the way. If there are similarities/comparisons to our current society in this blog's content, the story of 'Chicken Little' was (somewhat) re-told by me to incite the reflection. Success! Things to ponder.

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