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About Me

Hello fellow human!  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am of Algonquin and French descent.  My Spirit name is 'White Sun Woman'.  This particular name was given to me in a sweatlodge by a medicine man in Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, or what was formerly known as Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation (located alongside Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada).  My birth name is 'Taime' which means 'love' in French (generally.....like as in j'taime).  I also have written and published under the pseudonym, 'Tailee Teiwaz'.  'Tailee' is a combination of my given names, and 'Teiwaz' is a Normandic word/symbol generally meaning 'the battle of the spiritual warrior, is always with the Self'.  It is my belief that it is only through observing and reflecting on ourselves that we completely heal, find serenity, and create lasting change in our worlds.....the micro world of our family house, the macro world of our earth home, and even greater, our universe and all that is or will be.  My service to you and all is a manifestation of my namesakes and a result of my experiences to date which have been versatile, vast, sometimes vicious, and other times, visionary and victorious.  May blessings be abundant!

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About This Site

I fondly remember looking forward to getting the (printed) newspaper when I was a kid to read the syndicated, world wide, 'Dear Abby' advice column.....because, hey.....even as a kid, I knew life was tough.  The idea that the general public could write in to seek guidance or ask questions to navigate life's challenges was very popular and very needed.  I don't think the need has changed.  If anything, the need in current times is great and although the original writer, Pauline Phillips, has now (sadly) passed on, her daughter (Jeanne Phillips) continues her legacy and co-creation of something that inspired me as a kid and brings me here now; inspired again!  'Dear Teiwaz' is another option to support the 'Dear Abby' concept.  I invite you to write me and await your letters.  If you would like ask a question, need advice, or feel like sharing commentary on a personal or societal/world problem or solution, send an email letter.  K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Senior/Seniorita) and common sense are the principles of  this initiative.  Please be aware, all letters may be made public and used on this site. If your letter has personal or sensitive content you may want to sign your letter from 'Anonymous' and possibly change/withhold names to protect all involved.  I am here to help and will also be writing blog entries and offering tips and tricks regarding general life subjects.  So....I hope you read the content offered on this page and I very much look forward to reading and replying to the content of your letter soon!